Add-ons on Profit Maximiser

Profit maximiser specializes in providing various special features to its users. Amongst these special features is the Add-ons feature that provides extra support and special service to those looking for a grand opening into the binary options trading field.

These add-ons are all unique and you will find it hard to match with any of other websites. Moreover, there is a whole list available so you can choose which one you want exactly.

Matched betting software

One odd on this website is that the Add-ons are paid. That means, if you need add-ons you will need to buy it separately beside the subscription money that you pay yearly. However, the cost is not too high and very reasonable when compared to the services provided. In addition, other players in the field charge way higher.

Some of the add- ons provided on the website are as follows-

1- Matched betting software- This add-on is like an advanced version of the website featuring plenty of more oddsmatchers and in-play odds software. There are also dutching and horse racing software within these add-ons.

2- Betfair sniper- This is a horseracing tool that helps you bet on the sports in a guided manner. It has resulted in some great profits for underlay betters and is popular with horseracing betting enthusiasts.

3- Accumulator generators- These add-ons allow you to gather your profits for a stipulated timing and Profit Maximiser claims guarantee of profits.

4- Bookie blowout- This is another popular horse racing software as add-ons on the website. This software too helps in guided betting on horse racing events.

5- Bonus bag- This software is mainly for those newly entering into the betting field. This add-on works as a guide through various offers and bonuses on different betting venues.

6- EV Maximisers- This add-on provides pointers to reach the most profitable offers on the web. It also provides guidance on the amount of money you should invest and how much you can earn on your investment.

Using these add-ons a user can take advantage of the various winning bets provided by betting websites and casinos. It is worth noting though that all bets have stakes and if you don’t have money to lose, it is better not to enter betting in the first place.