Basic information about CSCS test in United Kingdom

Basic information about CSCS test in United Kingdom

Most of the individuals who are in United Kingdom would have heard about Construction Skills Certification Scheme which is shortly known as CSCS. This is a scheme which evaluates the skills of the people who are interested to work in the construction industry and give them a certification. This certification is generally known as CSCS card. Without that, no one can get a job in construction site. Therefore if you are very much interested to work in construction field then you need to obtain the card. Before applying for the card, you have to attend and pass the CSCS Test.

 Why CSCS test?

The people who want to get CSCS card should have a construction related educational qualification. Otherwise the individuals are not able to attend the exam. The main reason for conducting this test is to assess the person’s skills in construction industry. The test will include different topics which are related with health and environment safety. Therefore if you are going to attend the test, you need to study and acquire knowledge in all those topics. The test will be conducted Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) in United Kingdom. The CSCS tests are conducted in different formats and it will be based on the job that you are going to apply.


The CSCS test is computer based test therefore you will not have any written tests. In order to book the test, you need to visit the site of CITB and the fee of the exam is around 19.50 Euros. As it is mentioned already, you will be having questions from different subjects therefore you need to be prepared. But some of the people do not the topics that they have to study and also they do not know where they can get the materials for revision. Actually individuals are able to get the materials through online site therefore they do not need to search it anywhere.

They can simply go online and search for the materials. The needed materials will be available in many sites hence they are able to download them for their preparation. Instead of searching for the materials anywhere in the local shops, you can simply prefer this way. Once you clear the CSCS Test, your name will be added in the database of Construction Skills Certification Scheme and hence you are able to apply for the CSCS card. However many people think that clearing the test will be very difficult. But it is not like that, you can easily clear that if you have the proper knowledge and spend time for preparation.

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