Becoming Something That One Detests Will Not End Well

Becoming Something That One Detests Will Not End Well


The extent of what could happen with someone’s life is a game of mystery and sometimes we all might be part of that game altogether. One second a person could be an astronaut and the next minute they could become an amsoil dealer and not to discredit either of those services, it is the fact of life that no one will know where they will end up in the near future and especially in the modern world it is a game of cat and mouse with the occasional rat race included in the mix. Everyone wants to be the first one to do the particular thing. Everyone wants to win the rat race. It is mainly shown in the mode of career that a person chooses. Sometimes, the most despicable careers give the most amount of joy to people and not all of them seem to have a relationship between what is the likelihood of things to do and what the factors of the job may offer them in return.

The Average Wish

Every person wants an average life and we call them average people because of not what they have ended up with but with their reluctance to stay as average folk. Not everyone has a dream and life is not always meant to be lived in the fast lane with the prestigious circle of the elite. It is there for the average people as well and that is what makes most of the world’s population. One can become a rich billionaire in a matter of months and can work hard to become an amsoil dealer that holds their customers first to make sure that they get the best of the best deals with their products and the services that they get from the company. It does not matter who does what as long as the thing that they are doing makes them happy.


There should always be something of a relationship between people of the poor spectrum and people of the rich spectrum, it is our way to make things as they were.

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