Choosing the Best Mediator

Choosing the Best Mediator

The Background

Although it is customary for biography and other information about the expert’s biography at the trial, parties often times failed to get the same information in the media. Depending on the type of case that should be mediated, it’s important for any contact information you may have regarding its technical expertise and/or experience with the intricacies of your case. It’s also useful to know if the former mediator exercises still practiced as an advocate or Attorney and/or defense, in jurisdictions in which he or she primarily practices. Nick Oberheiden Attorney is one of the expert mediator in California and Washington DC.

Knowledge of the jurisdiction and the characters involved, including the potential jury pool, judges, enables the intermediary to be more convincing. It is important to know if the mediator is versed in the issues to be presented, namely, construction, medical issues or appeals that may arise. The mediator is aware and familiar with such matters can only be an asset in getting a solution to the issue.


It is important to know and take into account how often mediator settles cases within weeks or months after the initial mediation. Mediators who continue to call (and/or Badger) both parties after mediation is usually very effective. These mediators really care about the success rate and do not believe their work only exists in the history of mediation.


Many mediators have a specific formula for mediation, it is important to be open and flexible intermediary regarding how to best deal with mediations on a case-by-case basis. Mediator  is open to suggestions and is willing to listen to the parties regarding the assignment of opening presentations or even the position or location of the parties actually be the difference that leads to successful mediation.


The excellent way to get suggestions for mediators who are most suited to each specific situation is by word of mouth. While Attorney handling the case maybe have some suggestions for a mediator, the information learned in the trade industry meetings and conferences and even competitors can lead to names of intermediaries known by others in a particular field. It’s important to keep your ears open at all times and ask others who may have positive experiences with some mediators. Nick Oberheiden Attorney is the certain mediator for you to solve any cases.



Finally, the most important thing to consider when choosing a mediator that all parties have same degree of respect for the mediator. For example, if a member of the judiciary, but you don’t respect him while he was on the bench, you’re probably going to be open to his powers of persuasion when he is discussing your case. If the mediator, one of your colleagues have suggested respectable, and comes with a few good referral, mediation is likely to be successful.


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