How to use Skype as a free home surveillance system

You probably know, creating surveillance of your own home costs a huge budget and is definitely difficult to manage. Professional security monitoring solutions will always be found to monitor at home and in the office. However, you may be interested in knowing what is happening at the right time in everything that interests you, for example, about a child, a pet, and seeing them yourself. Otherwise, you will only worry about theft and theft problems in your residence, as well as which cat slides in your garden every day. All this can be implemented for free using VoIP.

In this post, let me explain how to simplify the use of skype do pobrania through VoIP to create a completely free home surveillance system. Needless to say, you can choose other options instead of Skype, any video connection is fine.

It depends on your habits.

Step 1:

Determine the best place you want to track. Depending on your intended locations, your computer or laptop really needs to be located at the point with the best angle and clearly to reach the areas. A laptop would be a great option here. Then install the software of your IP camera to enter the user interface and make sure you are watching. The laptop must be connected to a power source to avoid a shortage of power offered by the battery.

Step 2:

Install Skype on your laptop and make two insecure ID cards. Log in to two separate accounts on two different laptops and make sure that both accounts are properly connected to each other. Now everything is ready, if most of them are ready.

Step 3.

Set up the Skype application on your home laptop to answer calls automatically to increase the speed of your Internet camera with any incoming call. This can be done by going to “Preferences”> “Calls” and checking the “Answering machine” option. Also make sure that the option “Start video automatically before the start of the conversation” is checked.

Step 4

Now the device has successfully connected to computers connected to the Internet and a pair of Skype. Emphasize that any local web connection is available throughout the program.

As soon as you want to see exactly what is happening within the target area, simply activate Skype to call from another laptop. And you can probably monitor it successfully, even if the laptop’s webcam is in case a video link is connected.