Identification and Preventive Measures to Stop Growth of Japanese Knotweed Damage

Identification and Preventive Measures to Stop Growth of Japanese Knotweed Damage

Japan is a country which is top in the technology and has provided us with many technological advancements and still they are working on more. But arrival of Knotweed from the Japan in the UK in 1850’s served a lot to the gardeners because of its rapid growing capability. But now the scenario is not same as 1850’s and huge building have been built in almost all the areas; the knotweed is causing damage to the buildings. Japanese knotweed has a strange stinking smell and keeps growing on any part of the building making the atmosphere dirty. It has been noticed that Japanese Knotweed is covering around the 10kms of Wales and England on an average which is destroying the natural beauty of UK.

How to identify Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed Damage is one of the severe damages that is affecting the nature of UK. It starts to grow anywhere and grows rapidly have a strange smell which affects the both domestic and natural settings.

Identifying the Japanese Knotweed is not as easy as it looks like. As it has capability to grow anywhere, there are some seasons in which the growth of knotweed can be spotted. Japanese Knotweed grows over stem-to-stem and forms a zig-zag pattern. The leaves of the Knotweed are mid-green in color and fairly smooth. Knotweed leaves are in the form of either heart shape, shield, or a shove. When the season of knotweed comes you can identify it with its flowers, the flowers of the knotweed are creamy white in color and loose clusters.

Japanese Knotweed Damage

Which is the best season to identify the growth of Japanese Knotweed?

Since, Japanese Knotweed Damage is one of the major problems in some parts of UK, there is a specific season for it, in which you can spot it and cut it off. Best season to identify the Japanese Knotweed is during mid-summer and early autumn. In the spring season, it starts to grow from the ground.

What measures can be taken to stop the growth of Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed grows till 3m deep and to stop it from spreading and growing some measures need to be followed. One can follow these measures to stop the growth of Japanese Knotweed.

  • Cut down the knotweed to the ground
  • Kill it with the help of herbicides
  • Digging out the roots

Japanese Knotweed Damage has spread across 70% of the UK, so the process of removal of knotweed from whole of UK can be costly and time consuming and for the time being one can stop its growth by following preventive measures.

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