Decorating your every day’s logistic companion is not a new thing. From the enticing grill to glorious tail lamp you often make your car so attractive, but have you ever thought about tires paint? The same tire which can be much more eye-catching and take your appetite to another level. Yes, this thrilling option is available at out abode Tire Penz.

About Tire Penz

As the option of tire pain is not abundance we come forward to take the oath. The quality we maintain is such that it won’t wash out or fade in the sun. Our products make sure that its stick well to the rubber of the tire very well. All the experts went through a lot of experiments like, when the tire painted in red it gradually turned into pinkish, or the white color disintegrated after few uses.  But Tyre Penz didn’t quit, laborious studies and experiments after experiments ultimately pay off, and a new horizon open for the car lovers. The red tire paint along with affection of our work will surely satisfy you. The high-quality products will definitely make your tires closure to your heart and also satisfies your need.


  • Clean the tires well, make sure there are no previously used paints stick on,
  • Scuff the tire where the paint would be applied,
  • Now shake the pen well,
  • Gently depress the tip of the pen and the paint will begin to flow.
  • Now apply a thin coat let keep this for 12 hours to get dry. Apply a small amount of reflecting powder just before the paints dried completely.

 And your tire is ready with a new look,

Pro Tips
It is recommended now to wash out the existing paint, it removes the debris that picked up on the way.  Similarly one can paint the sideline and the grooves as well. For each, it’s recommended to scrub well before applying the color and not to remove the existing paint. If in any case, the tip gets dry we provide another one in the Tire Penz reflect kit. If the tire is new, it has some coating which needs to wash with a scouring pad or wire brush.

So which Tires paint you going to do? The adorable Red tire paint for the flamboyant White letter tire paint? Whatever it is the road will know your appearance for sure.