In the world of archery, one of the most precise and agile type of bow is the crossbow.

Unlike conventional bow and arrow, crossbows offer more steady aim, precise target hits and longer range.

This type of bow is a ranged weapon based on the bow and consisting of a horizontal bow-like assembly that is mounted on a frame which is handheld in a similar fashion to the stock of a gun.

It is one of the most used ranged weapon in the medieval warfare and in the 16th century before the gunpowder was introduced to the world.

In hunting, a crossbow is widely used to take down big games and trophy animals.

Historically, crossbows became a game changer in the world of hunting. Aside from being very silent when the hunter pulls the trigger, it is also very accurate at long ranges.

There are variants of crossbows that can be used either in hunting or for military purposes. The recurve crossbow, multiple bow system, compound crossbow, compound crossbow, pistol crossbows, repeating crossbow, bullet crossbow, and slurbow.

To determine a good quality crossbow you should know its loading method,cocking device and quiver and the capacity of the strings extent of pulling, the triggering mechanism, its recoil and its noise since hunting requires silence in order not to disrupt the prey.

Modern crossbows are more lethal than its medieval predecessors. Weaponsmiths and modern day fletchers creates a more improved version of crossbows that are fast enough, accurate enough and powerful enough to take down large big-game animals with clean kill and very easy to use. Modern-day crossbows are also capable of modifications like mountability of accessories such as sights and scopes.

Unlike rifles, crossbows are not that expensive and best-crossbows are cheaper than what many expects. Choose a bow that has enough draw weight since the principal specification of hunting bows from a target model is its draw weight. Most good quality hunting crossbows are weighed in at 150 to 175 lbs with a few exceeding to 200-pounds.

Another one to consider to choose a good quality hunting crossbow is the speed of the arrow going to the target. A good hunting crossbow can fire an arrow at an initial velocity of 300 frames per second (fps) that provides enough kinetic energy to the arrow to completely take down a big game animal. Good hunting crossbow has scopes or sights to provide accuracy to hit the target.

Having a good quality crossbow is not enough to consider that you can hunt with precision, you should also load quality arrows or bolts that fires like an actual bullet to the target. Carbon and aluminum arrows work well, but by far, the most rugged and high-tech are made from carbon.

Having good quality broadheads are also essential in identifying a good quality crossbow.

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