Things you don’t know about FIFA 2018 world cup

Things you don’t know about FIFA 2018 world cup

Is there anyone who doesn’t like the wildest performance of Cristiana Ronaldo in the field of football? Of course, not. People who love to see the football match will definitely know those famous players like Ronaldo in the national team. Today, football overtakes other famous sports like cricket. Yes, its insane gameplay and the weird performance of the players made the game lovers to attract towards it. In the game of football, FIFA is well known by the people and it is a Federation of the Football Association which governs all the aspects of the national gameplay. It conducts world cup matches for every four years to award the championship for the players. Presently, piala dunia 2018 is going to be inaugurated soon and let’s see about it in this article.

Football Association

World cup 2018

2018 FIFA world cup will be the 21st world cup match and this tournament is going to be contested by the national teams of men. Teams which are in the member association of FIFA will be competing in this tournament. This event is scheduled to take place in Russia from 14th June to 15th July.

It is estimated that nearly 32 national teams will be going to participate in the final tournament. From these 32 teams, 20 will be making the back to back appearances following the last event in 2014. All things considered, a total of 64 tournaments will be conducted in 12 locations which are located in 11 cities. The final match will be held at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on 15th July. Well, the champions of this world cup match will be qualified for the 2021 confederation cup of FIFA.

This is the overall introduction of this piala dunia 2018. Of course, you may also like to know about the coaches who are going to give the training for your favorite national team. So, if you are keen about knowing such details about the news and updates about the football world cup, then you can go through the internet pages. Over the internet, you can explore a large number of web pages which give you the details about the matches.

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