Try something new in smoking

Try something new in smoking

      Smoking habit is available in the world since long time. There are many people in the world who lost their life because of smoking.  The damages that produced by the smoking habit is high. Not all the effects are reversible. The lungs of the smoker are filled by the tar and other unnatural things which affect the health of the people.  There are many people in the world who are dead by the excess of smoking. Usually, the cigarettes in the markets are stuffed with tobacco which increases the possibilities of cancer.  In this society, every people depend on each other. It is not easy to live as a single man in the society. Our loss will also affect the other people who indirectly or directly depend on us.

      People need to find the side effects o smoking. The possibilities of cancer, cardio vascular disease and others are high. There is no minor problem created by smoking. It only creates the major problems in the body.  Most of the people are not involving in such activity if they know the side effects.  Government and all the health organisations are creating the awareness of the effects of smoking among the people. It is the duty of the smoker to reduce such activity in their daily activity. Reducing such activity is not enough; they have to stop such activity. They make sense both in the physical and mental health of the people. There are two types of smokers available in the market. One is primary smoker and the other is secondary smoker. Those who smoke the cigarettes are called as primary smokers and the person who inhales the smokes that is created by the other smokers are called as secondary smokers. The effects are nothing less between them. Non-smokers also have the same effects on the body. It is essential to avoid those places where the smokes of cigarettes are available.


      E-cigarettes are what people in this generation are prefers. They vaporise the e liquid that is poured in the vaporiser. The smoker is supposed to inhale those vapours. Unlike the olden days, the user doesn’t have t bored of using the same tobacco flavours. There are hundreds of flavours available in the market. A few drops of liquid are enough for the single time. Thus the money that has been spent on smoking is highly reduced.  They are easily available in the market. You can also buy them from the online market.

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